About Us

ALFA TAPE PACKING INDUSTRY was established in 2004 as a Mertbey Foreign Trade proprietary company. Since 2004 had started to import from abroad and since 2009 had decided to specialize on the import and distribution of the all kind of adhesive tapes. After this, our company started import of semi-finished products like cutting, slitting, transfer, lamination and packaging machinery instead of finished products and focused on the investment on production.

Today, ALFA TAPE PACKING INDUSTRY has more than 20 converting machines and provides its customers fast and high quality service at all the time. In 2009 decided to manufacture some products that had imported, in Turkey and started its first production in 2011. It has 1 hot-melt production line. Our production facility and cutting, transfer, lamination, packing and distribution warehouse are located in Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone. Our facility has total 2000m2 closed areas.

Our new production facility will have total 5000 m2 area in 2014 at Chorlu Velimese Organized Industry Zone.

ALFA TAPE PACKING INDUSTRY has certified its customer preferred quality with ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate since 2004. Our company makes all tests of tapes according to the international standards in test laboratory established within its structure equipped with the latest technological test devices.

 “QUALITY”, “CONTINUOUS INNOVATION” and “CUSTOMER FOCUSING” concepts have an important place in ALFA TAPE PACKING INDUSTRY’s expansionary policy, and will remain our leading concepts.

ALFA TAPE Values – Principles

Social responsibility Respect of human life Social contributions Sharing Consistency Reliability Systemness Commitment Being based on data and information Development Ability to meet changing needs Innovation and investment Measurement, evaluation and continuous improvement

Our Mission;

Providing for all our customers within the frame of the Total Quality Standards:

High quality products

(always realizing and conforming production to the highest standards)

Competitive products

Kaliteyi en uygun fiyata sağlayarak

Products that meet the customers' requests and needs

(Always striving for innovations and continuous development)

Products delivered in time through a dynamic team

(respecting the environment and keeping health and security as a priority)


Our vision is continuously improving and development of our activity, offering the best quality to our customers, to be the leader in our field in our country and to be one of the best companies offering qualified products abroad.